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Did you see that pothole on in the middle of the Street? How about that nail on the road? Nope? Looks like you won’t get those kids to baseball practice…..It’s been one of those days… You need the best tow truck service Winston-Salem has to offer.

Our lives can be so busy that we forget the simple things in life like filling the gas tank on your way home. Or putting air in that tire, even though the tire pressure gauge came on this morning. And then when we forget, we find ourselves on the side of the road with a flat tire, or with an empty gas tank. It sucks, but we’ve all been there. Call Winston-Salem Towing Services to take care of all of your flat tire or empty gas tank needs. We’ll be able to get you moving in no time at all. You’ll quickly see why our customers call us for all of their tow or roadside assistance needs.


We do so much more. Why are the best in the city? Because we also have a huge fleet of experienced and extensively trained tow truck drivers that are waiting to help with all of your
roadside needs. Something as simple as locking your keys in the car can be taken care of very quickly. Some other companies may make you wait for an hour or more, but there’s no need for that. Because we have the largest fleet in the city, we can get to you faster and have your car’s problem solved.


Just visiting the Winston-Salem area and now you’ve broken down? No problem! Call us today for all of your affordable towing needs. We have our very own collision service centre that can service your vehicle. Decided that you want to take your car to your own mechanic out of town? That’s ok, we can tow your car there too. Maybe it’s just a dead battery and you need a boost? We have you covered. No need to call anyone else, call us today and you will not be disappointed.

We can tow your vehicle safely to wherever you’d like it to go, in town or out. Or, maybe you broke down while you were away and want us to come and get you? Call us today and see why we are also the most affordable tow company in the Winston-Salem area.

We buy and sell used cars


Remember when we said we did so much more? Here is another reason why. We buy and sell quality used cars. Yes, you read that right. We have an outstanding collection of used vehicles. When you decide you need something new, call us to find out how we can help. Because we have an in-house service centre, we have the ability to offer quality vehicles at very affordable prices to our valued customers. We pass on our savings on to you in every way, so you’ll leave feeling like you’ve gotten the best deal, and you have!


And another example of why we are the best and only full service towing company….we’ll buy your old junker!

Do you have an old car that has just given you all it’s got, and now it needs to go? We’ll pay you top dollar for your old cars. We’ll have that car picked up and give you cash on the spot. Easy peasy. No fuss at all, just make that call to one of our dispatchers who is waiting to help you, and we’ll have one of our trucks there.  We’ll pick up your scrap and give you cash. How many other’s can say they do that too?



Why we do it

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TO DELIVER professional service

Our drivers are  highly trained and insured towing professionals that believe in delivering only the highest quality work on every single project – big or small.  If you need a tow truck quick,  that you can trust to do the job right,  then give Winston-Salem Towing Services a all right  now and we will be on our way to help.

You won't find a better towing rate anywhere!

We have the absolute best towing rate in Winston-Salem.  Give us a call or email to find out our best rate for your circumstance or project.

We shop the rates of other tow truck companies and we know we are more affordable and offer more services for your hard earned dollar.


We continuously strive to enhance our strong working relationships with all of our customers by delivering our towing services on time and for a fair and honest quote. We enjoy working as partners with the client throughout the vehicle service, whether it is a simple tow, fixing a flat or helping clear out  an accident scene. Thriving on delivering the best service possible it what sets us apart from the competition.ervice.

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